Jacob Clayman

Technical and Creative Designs

Gilbert's Great Escape

Gilbert's Great Escape is an action game where players work to upgrade their ship and collect resources so that they can gather enough Glowtanium to make it back into space!


The player pilots a spaceship and uses his energy harpoon to grab onto falling meteors. The player then drags the meteors over to Meteor Co. Collection Funnel where they are processed. The player receives Glowtanium and Space Monies for the meteors he collects. 100 Glowtanium is needed to complete the main game objective while collected Space Monies can be used to purchase ship upgrades. 

I created this game utilizing Gamemaker 8. 

The intro video was created by me using Flash CS5. 

Game design document: Gilbert's Great Escape, GDD.pdf

Download Game: GilbertRelease.rar (includes playable .exe file, Sell Sheet, and Info.txt)