Jacob Clayman

Technical and Creative Designs

Tumbleweed Express (Unity)


Tumbleweed Express Website!

Tumbleweed Express has been released on Steam! Avaliable here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/372350


The Wild West has been monopolized by an aggressive airship empire that controls the skies. Those left on the ground have fallen victim to poverty and organized bandit armies. However, the venerable Tumbleweed Express steam engine is set to saddle up and ride again, spearheading a campaign to bring support to those who have been downtrodden and forgotten. Her opponents don't take kindly to competition though, so the Tumbleweed Express has armed herself for war...

Trials By Torchlight

Trials by Torchlight on the Google Play store!

 Trials by Torchlight is a text-based adventure for your phone! Grab your torch and try to make your way through the trials... if you dare :D 

GNOP (Android)

GNOP is a two player arena game!
Hold in your zone to CHARGE your shots! Release to fire at the paddle.
Hit the paddle into the opponents zone to score a goal!

Climby (Android)

 Climby on the App store!

Climb as high as you can using your favorite climber! There are three climbers to choose from. Try to beat your highest climbing score! 

Snake Escape (Android)


Snake Escape on the App Store!

Run and jump to escape the snakes for as long as you can!

Snake Escape is a free Android PlayStore application developed in Unity. 


Moonshadow is a level developed using the TESV:Skyrim Creationkit. Moonshadow is loosely defined in Elder Scrolls lore as "It is a giant garden full of roses, a city of silver, and breathtaking vistas brimming with waterfalls, flowers, and majestic trees where the wind and rain carry heady perfumes, and the colors blur. The goddess herself resides in a palace of roses. The realm holds such beauty that it makes mortals half blind"

This level is my interpretation of that concept. 

Alkir's Crypt

Alkir's Crypt is a level developed using the TESV:Skyrim Creation Kit. This level was developed as part of a larger campaign. Elements featured in this level are an underground lake, ancient ruins, ancient puzzles, magic artifacts, and a ghostly boss fight. 

RoboHeart, Global Game Jam 2013




The Dirigiballers present "RoboHeart", our Global Game Jam 2013 48hour game development project!

The Dirigiballers present "RoboHeart", our Global Game Jam 2013 48hour game development project!

The Robots need to pass their Robohearts between themselves to keep each other powered with Robo Life Force. Things at the Robostation are not that simple, however. The Robots are easily confused and blocked by complicated obstacles. They need your help to guide their arms as they throw and catch their Robohearts! 

Paintsketball! (Hammer World Editor, Portal 2)

Paintsketball !


 Paintsketball is a game designed and developed using the Portal 2 Authoring Tools through VALVe Software's Hammer World Editor. Paintsketball is designed to mimic a traditional game of basketball, only utilizing the world and game mechanics offered by the original Portal 2 assets.

Monkey Business (Text Adventure, Inform 7)

LINK: Monkey Business!

Monkey Business is a text adventure built using the Inform 7 programming language. Monkey Business was written, designed, and programmed by me.

In Monkey Business the player uses text commands to interact with an environment communicated entirely through text (thus a text adventure!). Use cardinal directions (north, east, northeast, etc...) to get around and use short sentences to interact with the world.

Gilbert's Great Escape (Gamemaker Toolset)

Gilbert's Great Escape 


Gilbert's Great Escape is an action game where players work to upgrade their ship and collect resources so that they can gather enough Glowtanium to make it back into space!